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How To Put On A Toilet Seat

How To Put On A Toilet Seat

If you need to replace or add a toilet set, chances are good that you are probably not looking forward to it. After all, who really likes the idea of working on anything to do with a toilet anyway. Fortunately, Toiletadvisors for whatever reason you need to put on a toilet seat, you are in luck. Not only is it an easy job to do, it’s a job that’s pretty quick to accomplish as well.

If you haven’t already taken off the toilet seat, you will need to do that before you can replace it. To do that, reach under the edge of the outside of the bowl to find the nuts that hold the seat in place. With some toilet seats, these can be located inside the bowl. Regardless of where they are, you will need to unscrew the nuts to rake them off. Once you have taken these off, remove the old seat from the toilet.

Now it’s time to replace the seat itself. For this, you will probably already have the seat you want already selected. Toilet seats come in one of two types: with the screws attached or without. Either way, you will need to put the toilet seat on the bowl, inserting the screws through the holes in the top of the toilet bowl. After you have done this, you will need to screw the nuts onto the screws which are now protruding from the seat and into the toilet.

After you have done this, tighten the nuts down in order to secure the toilet seat to the toilet. It is important that you tighten the nuts with only the strength you have in your fingertips since using a wrench will often destroy the plastic nuts and screws that are so often used with these products. Further, the plastic screws and nuts are specifically designed to fit securely into the appropriate holes, so tightening won’t help further.

Your toilet seat is now ready for use.